mindfulness - beach timeVery simply; being mindful means tuning in to both your surroundings and your physical and mental state. It’s about experiencing the present moment with acceptance and compassion, and without judgement.

Mindfulness helps to make the distinction between us and our thoughts. It allows us to observe and reflect upon what’s going on in our minds; and the feelings that created those thoughts. And then to move on.

It’s quite difficult, and most people can’t do it for very long.

But, a little bit of mindfulness can go a long way; helping you to recognise and break negative habits or behaviour patterns, become more emotionally aware and react with kindness to yourself and others.

You don’t need to grow a beard or burn incense to do it. But you can do if you like. Check out some posts on mindfulness here.

I have recommended some further reading on mindfulness here.

Here’s one of  www.mindful.org‘s many excellent articles on mindfulness:

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Some Reflections and Guidance on the Cultivation of Mindfulness

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