Mindful Birth Online Course

This online course, created by Marie Vijendran, was invaluable to me prior to giving birth to my second child. You can read more about my experience of the course here.

The course covers:

  • The basics of mindfulness
  • Physiology of labour and birth
  • Coping with pain
  • Mindful birth decisions
  • Using mindfulness to cope with medical interventions
  • Mindful cesarean birth
  • Beyond birth – mindful techniques for life with a newborn

And lots more. It’s packed with downloadable information sheets (for mum and dad/birth partner), and contains many relaxation, mindfulness and meditation exercises to prepare you for a mindful birth.

It costs £39 and readers of Parenting Calm are entitled to 10% off a private Skype consultation with Marie (usual cost – £45). Just use the discount code PC10 when booking.

Click here for the full course content or here to book the Mindful Birth online course.

Affiliate link disclosure: Having found this course so beneficial personally, I am now collaborating with Mindful Birth to promote it. As such, I will receive a commission for bookings made using the PC10 discount code. Read more on my affiliate policy here.

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