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Hand in Hand Parenting is a non-profit organisation founded by Patty Wipfler, who has been working with parents since the 1970s.

The Hand in Hand approach focuses on:

  • a strong parent-child connection
  • building parents’ emotional understanding
  • authoritative parenting (vs authoritarian or permissive)
  • reasonable, age-appropriate expectations of children
  • developing effective listening skills
  • helping parents build support networks

I’m currently enrolled in the Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Starter Class and am finding the resources really useful. It’s helped me to navigate the toddler tantrum phase, and to support our two-year-old in welcoming a new baby to the family. The course materials are recommended for an age range of 0-10 years, and I think they will be useful far beyond that (I’ve found the tools useful in communicating with other adults too!).

Here is a selection of Hand in Hand Parenting online classes, courses and podcasts. I’m pleased to now be an affiliate of Hand in Hand, and as such please be aware that this page contains affiliate links (read more on my affiliate policy here).


Shorter courses – approx 3 weeks

Setting limits and building cooperation

Helping your child sleep

Helping your child with aggression

Taming sibling rivalry

Separation anxiety

Longer courses – 3-10 weeks

Parenting by connection 6-week starter course

Building a listening partnership: easing the stress of parenting

Parent intensive 10-week course


Peaceful child podcasts

Confident child podcasts

Parenting basics podcasts


Free 1 hour ‘helping your child sleep’ podcast

Please note: this page contains affiliate links.

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