Parenting Calm: Mum and duaghter in garden

A little about me…

I have spent the majority of my working life chatting to young French men and spitting into buckets. As a wine trade professional I was more comfortable cradling a magnum than a small child, but I’m learning fast.

I studied English Literature, and writing is something I have always loved to do. After the birth of my daughter, two years ago, I picked up my pen again (metaphorically speaking obviously; I have a macbook so I don’t look out of place in coffee shops).

I am now a freelance writer; specialising in mindfulness, positive parenting, wine and spirits (helpful for the latter), pregnancy, food and nutrition, health and wellness.

This year I completed a mindfulness training course, and I hope to continue to develop my understanding in this field. Positive parenting is another area I’m extremely interested in and I am currently studying with Hand in Hand Parenting.

My writing has also been published on:

Huffington Post UK

Everyday Mindfulness

The Mindfulness Project

Selfish Mother

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